Server Rules

You’re Not Ready Gaming

Breaking any of the below rules may result in either a temporary ban or a permanent ban from my server, I also use a few public ban list from some of the Larger Dayz Community Servers so be play fair no matter what server you are on.

Community/General Rules

  • No Glitching/Hacking/Using bugs in the game mechanics to gain an unfair advantage during PVP, basing or while raid iiing.
  • Combat Logging. (Logging out within 10 minutes of exiting combat unless you are in your base or safe zone)
  • No Mic Spamming in Safezone at all or Sidechat
  • Personal abuse, obscene, harassing, threatening, hateful, discriminatory or defamatory remarks of any nature won’t be tolerated. This includes racial, sexual, homophobic or cultural slurs, even in the context of a joke/meme.
  • You are not allowed to use the name “Admin”, “Administrator”, “Owner”, “Staff” or any derivative/synonym
  • Using another account to get around a previous ban will result in another ban.

Safe Zone Rules

  • No planting crops in a safe zone
  • You are not allowed to Scam or Steal anything in the safe zones
  • No Mic Spamming in Safezone at all or Sidechat
  • No Safezone Strafing (Entering and Exiting the Safezone)
  • No Parking cars in safe zones for extended periods of time, any unattended cars will be deleted.
  • No Stealing or checking people inventory
  • No Safe zone camping (You can kill people coming in and out of the safe zone if the opportunity shows it self just not sitting and waiting for them)
  • Try and avoid leaving your clutter around please, use the fire barrel to dispose of items

Building Rules

  • No using tents to block base entrances (doorways/Windows in houses/buildings)
  • All bases must follow the rules of basic physics (eg. no floating bases)
  • Base door can not be stacked too close together, Rule of thumb is the door/gate should not open into the one in front of it (Yes that does means doors can be closer together than fences can)
  • No WatchTower Stacking
  • No Building past 5 levels (Building on roofs is allowed but no more than 3 levels above the height of the existing building)
  • Bases will be considered abandoned if the owner(s) of the base hasn’t connected to the server to defend the base within 14 days
  • Upon request, we will delete abandoned bases and its contents so that players may place their own base there.
  • Bases must at least one raidable entrance ( This entrance does NOT need to be ground level but needs to be easily accessible, aka you are aloud to have a base that is only accessible by helicopter but you must have space to land a helicopter)
  • No blocking you base entrances just before you log off aka if you have multiple entrances for your own convenience then they must always be entrances

No Build Zones


  • Within 500 meters of any Safe Zone Trader
  • Within 200 Meters of a Military Base/Camp (Any area with 3 or more military buildings clustered together)
  • Within 200 Meters of Arms Dealers or Fur Trader Spawn Areas
  • Within 100 Meters of Any drug dealer spawn area(Police Stations in some Towns)
  • Within 100 Meters of any cement mixer
  • On any roads(Dirt or Pavement)
  • Police Stations, Prisons, Fire Stations, or any military buildings Regardless of where they are)
  • In any way that hinder/blocks the use of an ATM

Base Raiding Rules

  • Raiding needs to be done in a realistic way.
  • No Stacking
  • Absolutely NO FLOATING ITEMS Any item placed must touch the ground. All four corners of Watchtowers must touch the ground.
  • Do NOT dismantle ANYTHING from the outside
  • If you can NOT raid a base without glitching in do not raid.
  • You are NOT allowed to take over Someone else’s base
  • You are NOT allowed to block entrances to anyone’s base
  • While Raiding do not lock tents doors gates with your own locks. Do not build or place any items to block access to the base at anytime, lock picking is allowed.
  • You’re not allowed to raid by using Proximity view to grab items through walls.
  • You are allowed to stand on a friends head, build a watchtower, stand on top of vehicles etc. to get over walls and into bases that are not secured with a roof.
  • If you spawn in inside a base (whether that be fresh spawn or due to inactivity) make a ticket and an admin will Teleport you out. You may not raid the base if you spawn inside.
  • No Ghosting (Partially Raiding someone and logging out in their base)
  • No griefing is allowed you are allowed to steal everything and anything but no just raiding to take everything out so it all despawns

Tent Raiding Rules

  • No griefing is allow you are allow to steal everything and anything including the tent, but no raiding to grief aka taking everything and putting it on the ground so it all despawns

Car Raiding Rules

  • No raiding cars in safe zones